Kagan McLeod Presents: The History Of Rap!
Posted Monday, December 10, 2007

Attention art-lovers, gift-buyers, and hip hop aficionados! Toronto Illustrator (The National Post) and comics creator (Infinite Kung-Fu) is debuting his newest art print, The History of Rap. This amazing print in blue/black metallic ink on 100lb paper measure a massive 17.5" x 30", and features over 469 portraits! Better still, the back of the print features biographies, group information, and recommended listening for neophyte and hardcore alike.

(Detail from the front of the print.)

Kagan McLeod's History of Rap print (version 2) will be arriving in the store this Friday, December 15th. We've already made it available in our art store. For those of you outside of the Toronto area please note that the shipping price for these posters is the same whether you order 1 poster or 10--or any number of different posters including our awesome TCAF posters, limited edition 20th Anniversary Prints, or more. We can also make sure it will arrive by Christmas. Check out our Posters & Prints section for more info!

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