NOW IN STOCK: Blackest Night Rings, Blackest Night #1 for $1.
Posted Friday, December 18, 2009

Are you a fan of Green Lantern? Are you a fan of the mega-popular BLACKEST NIGHT crossover? Are you at least a little bit curious about the whole kerfuffle? We’ve got a few deals for you!

LANTERN RINGS NOW FOR SALE: We are now selling individual Lantern rings from the various Lantern corps. The Green Lantern and Black Lantern rings are $2 each, and the Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, and Violet Lantern rings are $1 each. Or, you can buy the complete set of 8 rings for $8, in a handy little package we made up (see above!) suitable for gift-giving.

BLACKEST NIGHT #1, JUST A BUCK: Hey, do you want to know what this Blackest Night thing is all about? Well we’ll make it easy. We’re now selling Blackest Night number 1 for just $1 (plus tax). No strings. Buy it for a dollar. We figure if you like it, you’ll come back and buy the rest. (Normal price: US$3.99)

(Please note: The promotion where you could buy certain crossover books to get a ring is now over.)

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