Do you know awesome Baltic Comics? S and KUS in-stock
Posted Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We have just received a wealth of copies of excellent Baltic Comics Anthologies š and kuš! There are some amazing comics and contributors here, full colour, fascinating projects. We've had copies of some of these before, and might still have copies on the shelves somewhere, but for now here's all of the stuff we've just received!

š! baltic comics magazine: #3, #5, #8, #10, #11
kuš! baltic comics anthology: #7, #8, #9 Special Edition
Ku Foldout kuš!
mini kuš! # 5 'Future is Now', Léo Quiévreux
mini kuš! #1 'Bearslayer Returns', Ruedi Schorno


The newest book is š! #11, Artventurous. Here's a description of just how broad-reaching this anthology is...!:

š! #11, Artventurous, July 2012
Cover by: Leonards Laganovskis (Latvia)
Artists: Aidan Koch (USA), Betty Liang (Canada), Brecht Vandenbroucke (Belgium), Damiano Fenoglio (Italy), Daniel Wernëck (Brazil), Dilraj Mann (UK), Elīna Brasliņa (Latvia), Emelie Östergren (Sweden), Ilde Betanzos (Spain), Ingrīda Pičukāne (Latvia), Jean de Wet (South Africa), Jen Rickert (USA), KJ Martinet (USA), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Leonards Laganovskis (Latvia), Marc M. Gustà (Spain), Mārtiņš Zutis (Latvia), Mikus Duncis (Latvia), Nicolas Mahler (Austria), Nicolò Pellizzon (Italy), Olive Booger (France), Oskars Pavlovskis (Latvia), Renata Gąsiorowska (Poland), Roman Muradov (Russia/USA), Simon H (Austria), Simon Moreton (UK) and Ugo Schiesaro (Italy).

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