Posted Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Northlanders #17
By Brian Wood & Vasilis Lolos

DESCRIPTION: "The Viking Art of Single Combat." On a snowy coastline of Norway, two Vikings face off in single combat. Seconds slow to minutes. Minutes slow to hours. Then, slower still, until the fight takes on a greater meaning. Viking warfare is deconstructed and dissected in this bitter and lonely brawl to the death with visually stunning art from Vasilis Lolos (Last Call).


So a few months back our friend Brian Wood e-mailed us, excited about the new issue of his ongoing viking-series for Vertigo, NORTHLANDERS. He wanted us to know that Northlanders #17 would be an amazing issue, and a great jumping-on point for potential new readers. So we said "sounds good to us!" and we bumped up our order and we're offering a special on the book. This week only NORTHLANDERS #17, by Mr. Wood and LAST CALL and PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND artist Vasilis Lolos, is only $2.00.

Northlanders is a great series, one of Vertigo's best, and the first trade is only 10 bucks. Give it a go, eh?

- Chris @ The Beguiling

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