NEW YEN MANGA - Yotsuba 8, Nightschool 3! PLUS: Hope Larson's MERCURY
Posted Friday, April 09, 2010

Hey folks! We just received a whole whack of new manga from YEN PRESS, including the much-demanded YOTSUBA&! Volume 8, the first volume of the Spice & Wolf Manga, and Svetlana (Dramacon) Chmakova's NIGHTSCHOOL Volume 3! Here's the list:

Cirque Du Freak Manga Volume 5
Nightschool Volume 3
One Thousand and One Nights Volume 10
Pig Bride Volime 4
Spice $ Wolf Manga Volume 1
Spiral Volume 11
Yotsuba&! Volume 8

Oh, and since we're posting, here's the new anime releases for this week:

You're Under Arrest: Fast & Furious DVD
Eureka Seven: Goodnight Sleep Tight Reg/Blu Ray
Hayate Combat Butler Part 4
Scrapped Princess DVD Set

In addition, Salamander Dream, Gray Horses, and Chiggers creator Hope Larson's brand new graphic novel MERCURY has just arrived! Mercury is the story of two girls in Nova Scotia, separated by one hundred and fifty years and the magical secret that connects them.

Published by Simon & Schuster's Athenium line, the book is a hefty 236 pages for $12.99, and is available on both floors of the store.

- Chris @ The Beguiling

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