NOW IN STOCK: Palookaville 20, Nipper 1963-64, Make Me A Woman
Posted Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hurrah! A trio of long-awaited books from the good folks at Drawn & Quarterly have finally made their way to us!

The most long-awaited of all? PALOOKAVILLE #20, now in an attractive hardcover book format! Containing 30 new pages of "Clyde Fans", sketchbook excerpts, an overview of Seth's Dominon City exhibition, and an unpublished short story! It's a lovely collection of material and will look handy and distinguished on your bookshelf.

Also coming by way of Seth is NIPPER: 1963-1964, a collection of the comic strip "Doug Wright's Family" (which was also titled "Nipper" in some newspapers). It's a cute, charming, and very well-drawn collection of comic strips by the great Canadian cartoonist.

Finally, we have MAKE ME A WOMAN, a collection of comics by the incredibly talented Vanessa Davis. This fantastic autobiographical tomb incorporates work from throughout her career, including her much-linked-around-the-internet strips for Tablet magazine. Her personal and intimate comics tackle youth, family, relationships, and her Jewish identity--she's one of my favourite young cartoonists and this is an outstanding collection of her work.

All three books are in stock now and available on both floors.

- Christopher

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