Shipping October 6th, 2010
Posted Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling Books & Art on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010. All Prices listed in U.S. Funds. Variant prices should be accurate, but in any dispute between listed prices and in-store prices, we will defer to the in-store, stickered price.

Click here for the complete list: 101006shipping.txt

The Beguiling Recommends:
There's a ton of amazing books out this week! Don't miss any of the following:

AUG100301 Richard Starks Parker The Outfit HC 24.99
- The second book of Darwyn Cooke's adaptations of the pulp-noir books by Richard Stark!

AUG100034 Metalocalypse Dethklok #1 (of 3) Eric Powell Cvr 3.99
- Dethklok extend their master of earth to comics.

AUG100364 Strange Science Fantasy #4 3.99
- A fun, enjoyable series of one-shots and new ideas from Scott Morse

JUL100359 Blondie HC Vol 01 49.99
- I don't personally understand the attraction, but this has been eagerly anticipated.

JUN100044 BtVS Season 8 TP Vol 07 Twilight 16.99
- Who is TWILIGHT!? I'm going to be honest, early on I thought it was Whedon attacking the Twilight books, as a metaphor for vampire slaying. Shows what I know.

JUN100028 De Tales HC 19.99
- The out of print modern classic from Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, now back in print in a swanky hardcover edition.

APR100274 Fables Covers By James Jean HC New Ptg 49.99
- Finally!

AUG100915 Fish N Chips TP Vol 01 12.95
- This is a new all-ages graphic novel by Steve Hamaker, the colourist of the Bone graphic novels! Looks like a lot of fun.

AUG101046 Fluorescent Black GN 24.95
- Eagerly anticipated original graphic novel! Sort of, I guess it was serialized in Heavy metal?

JUL101089 Hopeless Savages Greatest Hits TP Vol 01 19.99
- Collecting all of the Hopeless Savages material printed to date!

JUN100987 Nipper TP Vol 01 1963-1964 16.95
JUN100988 Palooka Ville HC Vol 20 19.95
- These have been in stock for a few weeks now, but they're getting released through Diamond this week.

JUN100209 Starman Omnibus HC Vol 05 49.99
- Some of the better superhero material in print.

JUL100512 Stephen Kings N Prem HC 24.99
- Comics!

AUG100384 Walking Dead Covers HC Vol 01 24.99
- Reprinting all of the covers and bonus material, with commentary.

JUN101148 7 Billion Needles GN Vol 01 10.95
- A very cool new sci-fi manga series. I've read about half of this and it's really neat, sorta like "Parasyte". Nice art too.

- Christopher

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